Crafts & Their Creators

Billie Weston 

Using a passion for colour and texture, Billie creates unique patchwork throws and berets.

Fabric Used : Upcycled cashmere & quality vintage materials.

Inspiration : The rugged coastline and landscape of Beara.

Result : A wonderful combination of an eye for design & impeccable craftsmanship.












Wonderfully soft washable cashmere mittens,

head bands & neck warmers sold as sets or individually.














Taking vintage embroidery pieces,

Billie has imaginatively created these hand crafted lavender bags.





“Boing” Cashmere Patchwork throw








“Bonanaza”  Cashmere Patchwork Throw










“Square Dance” Cashmere  Patchwork Throw











“Balance” Patchwork Cashmere Throw











“Sweatpea” Cashmere Patchwork Throw












“Strand” Cashmere Patchwork Throw













“Dawn” Cashmere Patchwork Throw